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We are the cult of the hill cyclist. A non-gender specific brotherhood of those who choose Up. Those who choose to go epic - epic distance, epic climbs, epic rides.

We aim to help you do the same, we'll help you find places to ride and to be able to ride longer and hillier. We'll help you redefine your limits.

Going Epic

If you’re going to redefine your limits, you need the right gear, the right training and the right plan. These guides help you to push your distance up and ride confident you can deal with anything that comes along. Going Epic


For many riders, the challenge is to find new places to ride, or to find good routes to ride in new places. Our routes help you explore. From full on self-supported “sportive alternatives” to short loops to take in some great places. Routes


There’s no point going for rides if you’re not going to talk about them! Here’s a collection of posts about rides we’ve done, places we’ve been and things that have inspired us to go epic. Posts