Bank Road

Bank Road is #31 in the 100 Greatest Climbs book. It’s in there because it’s the venue for a famous hill climb race. Like quite a lot of the climbs seem to be.

Being in the book for being an iconic hill climb might be great for people who’ve followed cycling for years, keeping up with HC championships.

But I’ve got the book because I’m looking for great climbs to push myself up.

Now, being in Matlock, the buildings that line the climb are quite nice to look at as you go. And being in Matlock and on a hill, the surface is excellent. But you’re in Matlock. There are cars parked on both sides, buildings all the way up both sides. Traffic. Pedestrians. No view.

The climb was quite nice. In and out of the saddle. A nice gradient, tough, but not killing me.

Just don’t think it’s one of the hundred most enjoyable climbs to ride in the country. It’s just in there for it’s heritage as an HC ride. So, I won’t be bothering again.

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