Gun Hill

Gun Hill is another climb in the 2nd book of climbs. Another 100 Greatest Climbs. It seems to be iconic with people we’ve passed on the road on that side of the Peak District. Not having the 2nd book, I’m not sure why.

I presume it’s used in the TOB a lot.

It’s an OK ascent, the surface is reasonable, it’s got a nice slow build up, then a steeper bit, then it levels off a little before a few more kicks and a bend and a bit of a “haha you didn’t save anything for this bit I hid round the corner” sadism.

Just not inspiring me.

As a descent though, it’s fantastic. The bends are just right for going down. The surface is good. It’s wide enough that you won’t get into too much trouble (slow a bit for the houses though!)

Definitely, for me, more of a hill to enjoy going down than an iconic uphill battle. I’d much rather go down it, then go up Thorncliffe Bank, which is a properly brilliant climb.

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