Holme Moss

This has to be the most iconic climb I’ve done. It’s number 43 in the Hundred Greatest Climbs.

Now, there are harder climbs and longer climbs in the book. But I think this is so far the single greatest climb.

That said the book seems to just focus on the pure uphill bit of the climb. Which I think is wrong, I prefer the longer game.

Starting out of Holmefirth (last of the summer wine) and winding along the valley a little gradual up to warm the legs. Then it really stars with a vicious little up hill out of the saddle, just to make sure you’re hit hard to start with into Holme.

You’re rewarded with a short downhill before the real work begins and the book version of the climb starts.

As you’ve been approaching, you can see the road snaking up the hill. Usually with some poor sods struggling up on their bikes and the odd motorbike or car going past them.

The road surface is fantastic. The views, bends and gradient are cracking.

And best of all, there are distance markers on the road to show you how much more there is to go. The distance between the 3/4 of a mile marker and the 1/2 mile marker is the longest quarter mile I’ve ever ridden. But it’s great.

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