On Sunday, in the horrific wind (but otherwise rather nice weather) we took on a blast out east to go to Lincoln and ride up the Michaelgate climb.

We were going to Lincoln anyway, and I recently bought the book 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs and Michaelgate was in it. So we added it.

The book says:

Michaelgate is a true classic, a 1-in-6 cobbled road through the heart of Lincoln. The centrepiece of the annual Lincoln Grand Prix, one of the country’s greatest bike races, it’s a bone shaking, lung busting test of man and machine.

The book then goes on.

Which Michaelgate does not. It’s short.

I was expecting really steep, really treacherous cobbles. I was expecting to have to stay seated for traction on the rear wheel. Which would be a problem as I was on the winter bike with not the best hill gearing and a lot of extra weight.

I was expecting to fight my way to the top and collapse exhausted from this epic climb.

As it was, I got out of the saddle for my gearing, pumped away and was up it, and steep hill, and wondering why the pubs were still shut.

We’d ridden out for a pint, and been so fast the pubs weren’t open. So we sat outside the cathedral to fuel up and then set off again.

Here’s the Strava segment. Clocked in at 1’40, and 260th roughly out of 600 and some. I’d like to go back on the fast bike without the wind and see how much higher I can get. But. Not overly impressed with this climb.

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