Next on my list was Riber, #32 in the 100 Greatest Climbs. I actually hit it right after doing Bank Road. And you’re still in Matlock, and it starts climbing up through a residential area, is less than ideal.

Until you turn off onto the Riber itself, when it’s still a bit residential but then it’s hairpins, steep and evil.

The surface isn’t great, but it’s not totally awful either.

It scores 9/10, making it one louder than Winnats Pass. However, I think it’s not actually as tough as Winnats. It seemed to be easier to me. Not a lot. Just a bit.

It also seemed short. Winnats seems to keep going. There’s always a bit more that I forgot about. It’s always a bit steeper than I thought. The Riber was tough, and a hill is always tougher the first time you go up it. And there was one moment I wasn’t sure I’d make it up, but then I saw the top and knew I would.

So I’d not give it 9/10, I’d swap the score with Winnats.

It was a good climb though, views, toughness, no traffic. Enjoyable. And brings you out in a good place to drop down to Cromford and head off up Via Gellia or on for a ride elsewhere.

So I’ll do this one again.

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