Rowsley Bank

The first time I hit Rowsley Bank, I’d been hunting around the climbs in the area for something that might be like the dreaded Hardknott Pass that was coming up on the C2C in a Day.

It’s not Hardknott.

But those hairpins are tough. The worst thing for me, is that after the nasty bit at the bottom it just keeps on going for ages after. However, seems the official 100 Greatest Climbs version ignores that part and concentrates on the steepest area.

It starts off not too bad. It’s a harder lead in than Winnats, but not as much as Curbar. Then it nips through a farm/cottage and hits the hair pins.

That’s the hard bit. They’re vicious and nasty. The inside of them is sheer and painful.

And I know this, because today the entire Mazda MX5 owners club decided to drive up it as I hit the hairpins. Forcing me to stay on the inside of the 1st and 3rd instead of taking the outside where the gradient is not so vicious. It was the third nasty hill today, and the driest, but the only one I lost traction on the rear wheel out of the saddle.

But I got up it both times I’ve tried, and I plan to get out again as the first hill in a ride (like it was the first time, not the third as it was today) and take the outside on all the hairpins and smash my PR.

Check out the 3D profile on veloviewer. vicious.


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