Slack Hill

Slack Hill is #139 in the 2nd book of Greatest Climbs.

Slack Hill is a great descent, catch it at the right time on a Sunday morning and it’s empty of traffic. It’s wide, good surface, straight and steep. At the bottom it ramps up the other side to slow down safely.

It is a main road from Chesterfield to Matlock though, so catch it at the wrong time and it’s not great.

Descending, I’ve done over 50mph on the bike. Felt great.

We rode up it. And it’s a rubbish climb.

It’s long and straight and a main road. I can’t see anything to recommend it at all to be honest. I’d never bother again. Just a boring slog with traffic going by. I don’t have the 2nd book, so I don’t know why it’s in.

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