Polaris Tornado Jacket

Years ago, I bought a Polaris Tornado Jacket. For really cold days in the saddle, it’s still my go-to jacket. I think it’s awesome. Warm and very practical!

The jacket has a wind proof layer on the front/arms/shoulders, whilst the back is a high vis yellow fabric that allows heat/moisture out. There are some really neat features of the jacket for long days out in the cold. It’s got a high neck, which makes a huge difference to keeping you warm. It’s got long sleeves with a nice close cuff and a thumbloop to keep your arms nice and covered and warm.

There are HUGE pockets on the back. Nicely set up to take a packable rain jacket, plus a ton of gear/food. With a nice big, secure zip pocket. I’ve used this jacket for cafe-stop free 100+ mile rides in cold weather and always had room to carry everything I need.

Today, cycling to work in 1°c with just a base layer, given I was climbing, I was warm enough. I didn’t get cold on the descents either. For those long rides in the Peak District, with stopping occasionally etc, the jacket has fit really nicely to take extra layers underneath.

They are £95 at full price, which is more than the Galibier Mistral 4. Which so far seems a better jacket, other than the pockets. Pockets matter though. The Tornado has the best pockets of any winter jacket. They’re like the tardis. You could probably carry the tardis in those pockets. Also, Polaris regularly have it on offer, and mine is still going after 4 years of quite a lot of use! I got mine 40% off in June 2016 it seems.

Cracking bit of kit!

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