B&DCC – Cleethorpes Ride

I’ve ridden to Cleethorpes and back in a day a few times, but, not for far too long, so having found out there are a few in the B&DCC interested, I’ve set up a ride, and these are the details for those inclined to a nice long ride.

Start Point
Usual start point, Bolsover Cenotaph.

Date and Time
Sunday the 14th of June, leaving the Cenotaph at 8am. (so be there a bit earlier)

Red. So aiming for 17-20mph average over the ride. Generally a great tail wind on the way out means fast out, and then a slow head wind (and dwindling energy reserves) drops the pace hard on the way back.


This is also available on Strava here. So you can easily get it on any device.

There is a petrol station in Gainsborough after you cross the river, we generally call here on the way out and way back to pick up more water/sugar/whatever is needed to refill bottles and top up on fuel. Generally a flying visit.

However, when we get to Cleethorpes we’ll go to Sealane Fisheries to get Fish and Chips. Been to a couple of others, this one seems ok 🙂

After calling there, we hit a Tesco on the way out to stock up bidons and jersey pockets with supplies for the way out.

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