Pass a Test

Some people argue that cyclists should have a Cycling Licence and pass a test to be allowed to ride their bikes on the road. They hark back to Cycling Proficiency at school.

I agree.

Roads are dangerous places and people should have some training. Pedestrian training is handled by parents. That bit is ok, bit more of the green cross code man back on the TV YouTube wouldn’t go amiss. But we’ve got that handled.

Cyclists should have some appropriate level of training. I see some awful riding out there these days from post-lockdown re-born cyclists.

But what training and for whom?

You can get out on a motor-scooter having done just your CBT and then you’re free to ride around anywhere that’s legal, which includes all the roads it’s legal to cycle on.

So perhaps at least a CBT type training thing? Maybe much like when we brought in driving tests etc people who are already over 16 should be allowed to continue but new riders required to pass a basic assessment?

Problem is that there’s no good way of enforcing this without licence plates, which are completely impractical as a solution. Maybe it’s more along the “strongly recommended” and on the occasion when a bad cyclist comes to attention of the police they could have mandatory attendance supplied?

There are training schemes out there, the official one for the UK is Bikeability. Many cycling clubs will have British Cycling qualified instructors too who can run kids or adults classes, and people should be encouraged to consider some training for their own safety and that of others.

It’s just hard to require it because you can’t track/enforce it and you can’t track/enforce it because licence plates for cyclists are logistically impossible. So good will, social pressure and good education/training programs for the future cyclists (kids) is the way forward.

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