B&DCC Sunday Road Routes

The B&DCC Sunday Road Routes will be posted to the club Facebook group by myself on Thursday evenings[1]. This will provide links to Strava Routes for the rides. This article is designed to pathfind people through the process of getting their ride on their device and using it well.

If you have a satnav device for your cycling that provides navigation in any form (Garmin Edge 500, 510, 605, 705, 800, 810, 1000, Touring, Touring Plus or other brand GPS) please make sure you download the route for the ride you plan on riding. Because if no-one else is going to, you may end up navigating.

If you are moving between grades, it may be worth taking both routes.

Click on the route from the thread, this will take you to Strava, click the “Export” option and select your device. There are three options:

Edge 500/510 – this will offer you a TCX file, download this and follow the instructions on the export screen to copy it to your device to the Garmin\NewFiles folder.

Edge 605/705 – this will offer you a TCX or GPX option. Take the GPX option and follow the instructions on the screen to copy it to your Garmin in the Garmin\GPX folder.

Edge 800/810/1000 – this will also offer you a TCX or a GPX option. Take the GPX option and follow the instructions on the screen to copy it to your Garmin to the Garmin\NewFiles folder.

If you use a Garmin Touring, please use the Edge 800 option and download the GPX and copy to NewFiles on the Garmin as per the instructions for an Edge 800.

If you need more help on how to copy the file you have downloaded from your computer to your Garmin, please see “Downloading and Copying Files to Your Garmin“.

You will also need to “Set up your Garmin for navigation” and then you’re ready to ride.

[1] Unless something forseen is coming up, when I’ll get someone else to do it that week, something unforseen comes up when I’ll drop a line to apologise and sort it ASAP. Or I post it on a Wednesday because I think it’s a Thursday.

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