Setting Up Your Garmin for Navigation

You’d think once you have put the GPX/TCX file on your Garmin, you could just ride it right? Wrong. Unless you change a few settings, navigation is a bit sketchy, trying to route you random ways, down footpaths, all sorts of rubbish.

What you need to set depends on your device. If you have a device that supports maps, but only have the basemap and not the expensive Navigation Bundle. You can get free, legal, fantastic maps. See my post on free maps.

Garmin 605/705

  1. Turn off recalculate route, with this on it will shortcut you home. Which is the start. Which is a short ride as you’re already there!
  2. Turn on Settings -> Map -> Lock on Road to keep you on road.

Took me some time to crack that. I had fun for a while, but with that everything is fantastic.

Garmin 800/810

  1. Routing => Bicycle
  2. Guidance Method => On Road
  3. Lock on Road => No
  4. Recalculate => Off or Prompted

I don’t have an 800/810, so I am not 100% sure of this. So if you know better, let me know.

Garmin 1000

  1. Click the Settings Icon at the bottom of the home screen
  2. Select Activity Profiles then select your preferred profile
  3. Select Navigation, then select Routing
  4. Set Routing Mode to Road Cycling
  5. Set Calculation Method to Minimize Distance (though Minimize Time shouldn’t be too different)
  6. Ensure Lock On Road is set to On
  7. Select Avoidance Setup and make sure all options are disabled. Since we are loading pre-planned routes onto the Edge, we don’t want it recalculating the route on us if it thinks there may be a toll, highway etc.
  8. Set Recalculation to Disabled.

Garmin Touring

Don’t know, sorry 🙂

Garmin 500

It doesn’t do fancy navigation and maps, it just points an arrow. No further setup required.

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